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A Little Fizz and Sparkle

Christmas Cocktails

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When designing a new cocktail menu, we want to consider the balance of choice and flavours that could complement the dishes on our menu or be enjoyed in their own right. Here are three of our favourites from the brand-new Christmas selection.

Spiced Rum Mojito

A twist on a classic mojito where Kracken Black Spiced rum replaces the usual white rum. As the strongest element of the drink, this changes the taste dramatically and adds a more Christmassy feel. The Kracken Black Spiced rum has a blend of citrus and caramel which brings a new dimension to the drink. The remaining ingredients of lime, mint, sugar and soda keep the classic mojito element that people know and love. This is served in a tall glass with plenty of ice for someone looking a longer drink.

Cranberry Martini

This is a Little Seeds creation inspired by a Pornstar Martini and is developed for those with a sweeter tooth. The drink combines, vodka, passoa, vanilla and cranberry shaken and served up in a classic martini glass. After been shaken and poured the drink settles with a classy foamy top finished with a sprinkle of rose petals for a little fragrance. A real Christmas showstopper.

Cinnamon Blaze

A drink for the fizz lover. A blend of gin, cinnamon, vanilla and prosecco. The cinnamon is delicate so not to overpower the other flavours allowing the sweetness of the vanilla to come through. Fitting for the festive period as you can enjoy the flavours of Christmas whilst still having that glass of fizz.

These have all been developed by the Little Seeds Team and will hopefully get everyone in the party spirit! However, they won’t be around for long so make sure you get your hands on one while you can.

All festive and New Year’s Eve menus are available to view on our website

Photography (C) 2019, Matthew Owen