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A Taste of Christmas

Christmas Menu

The festive period is nearly upon us, we would love for you to come and celebrate with us. Whether you’re a large office party or a couple looking for a unique dining experience, we have plenty of delicious food available and of course an excellent drinks selection for those that want to enjoy a cocktail or two.

Work on the Christmas menu actually starts towards the end of summer - in fact, we often have an outline before the autumn menu is finalised. It wouldn't be Christmas without a turkey on the menu, but we've also created dishes that are inspired by classic favourites. Jake has shared a few of his favourites!

A Modern Twist on a Favourite Classic

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From our starter selection is the crab and sea herb cocktail.

Crab is one of the nation's favourite seafood dishes and is at it's best during the winter months. We've chosen Cornish crab for this dish because the majority are caught with pots, which is a selective and sustainable method of fishing. The crab is also sent to fish suppliers the day it's caught and is incredibly fresh when it arrives at the restaurant! So to showcase this delicious ingredient, we'll be serving the crab in two ways.

A quenelle of delicately flavoured white crab meat, bound with elderflower emulsion, will start the dish. The elderflower was foraged back in the summer and preserved as a vinegar ready to be used with this dish (we said planning started early!).

To utilise the whole crab, we use the shells and the flavoursome brown crab meat to make a bisque. This is poured around the white crab to combine the two different flavours. The dish is finished with charred baby gem lettuce as a nod towards its inspiration of a classic prawn cocktail.

Dinner With An Old Friend

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When we first opened the restaurant, our cheese pie was one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Even though it's been off the menu for a long time, we still have customers asking when it will be back, so we thought we would add this old favourite as a main dish for Christmas.

Jake has developed a cheese and onion tart based on the original pie recipe. The dish starts with a crunchy pastry base filled with Lincolnshire poacher cheese, potato and onion, topped with a sprinkle of Dodington cheese. To bring out the flavour of the cheese, the tart is a silky Crown Prince pumpkin velouté, lovage puree, and crispy kale.

We hope lovers of the old cheese and onion pie will enjoy the new take on the dish.

Celebrate Christmas With Little Seeds

We are committed to making Christmas extra special for all our guests. If you would like to enquire about Christmas meals or to book a table, please call our team on (01785) 818 925 or send us an email to


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Words (C) 2019, Little Seeds. Photos (C) 2019, Matthew Owen.