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Christmas Menu Favourites

Christmas Menu Favourites

This year’s Christmas menu has seen a range of indulgent treats from treacle tart to turkey; there is something for everyone! Head chef Jake has picked out the favourites of this year, highlighting the inspiration and great qualities behind each dish.

To start the menu features sausage and chestnut balls. They are a mixture of sausage mince, chestnuts, fresh herbs and seasoning. These are accompanied by a house made spiced cranberry chutney. These were specifically designed for someone who likes a little nibble before their main meal or if you would like a little something extra with your Christmas dinner.

To follow you might want to consider the Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto. A white wintery risotto with a pearl barley base. The pearl barley is a British grain which gives a nice crunchy texture, this is then mixed with a smooth Jerusalem artichoke puree. Thin Artichoke crisps are sprinkled on the top for added seasoning and crunch. The dish also features a carrot top pesto, this pesto is an excellent example of the zero-waste policy used throughout the kitchen. The carrot tops are combined with cashew nuts, garlic and parsley to create a rich green sauce. The dish is finished with a truffle mustard and mustard cress, these add a little indulgence to each mouthful.

To finish the evening a rich chocolate torte with sea salt and olive oil. These elements usually associated with more savoury dishes bring something a little special to this chocolate dish. The base consists of an olive oil crumb then topped with a dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate mousse, sea salt and a crispy chocolate tuile. All brought together with a large scoop of extra virgin olive oil ice cream.

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Words (C) 2019, Little Seeds. Photos (C) 2019, Matthew Owen.

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